Tips that work wonders for bathroom without windows

Top Tips and Tricks That Work Wonders For A Bathroom Without Window

Some flats and houses don’t have bathrooms having windows. Hence it becomes difficult to remove those unpleasant odors and smells caused due to the poor ventilation and lack of natural sunlight. To help you reduce foul smells and optimize every element in a manner that works wonders for bathrooms without windows, we have some helpful tricks and tips that you all must follow! 

Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-free And Clean 

Want to remove all unpleasant odors from the bathroom? Try this hack! By keeping your bathroom clutter-free and all clean, you can solve more than half of your bathroom problems that happened because of no ventilation. Extractor or exhaust fans solely cannot help you remove all foul smells and bacterias that are caused due to washing or taking showers. When it comes to personal hygiene and sanitation, one must keep his/her surroundings clean and clutter-free. The bathroom is commonly used by every family member, making those common touchpoints grimy. 

So, to add a hint of aesthetics and sanitation, keep your kitchen decluttered, proffering a vibrant space, extra storage facility, and even a scented environment. 

Clutter free bathrooms

Opt For Reflective Surfaced objects 

Apart from ventilation, a bathroom does require proper lighting for vibrancy and high-spirited exuberance. Using reflective surfaced objects can do wonders when your bathroom doesn’t have a window. Big mirrors can help you tap and bounce back a good amount of artificial light coming from light appliances installed in your bathroom.

Bathrooms with no windows don’t have the advantage of acquiring natural sunlight, due to which it becomes difficult for such bathrooms to remain vibrant all day long. Using reflective surfaces in the bathroom can help you channelize light from electrical appliances installed in the bathroom, proffering an appealing visual outlook and fine aesthetics that are hard to find! 

Bathroom mirrors

Install Glass Bathroom Fixtures And Fittings 

When we talk about bathroom fixtures and fittings, we mean glass doors, countertops, and even shower sliders. Installing glass fittings helps you add some visual interest and contributes towards reflecting light, making space look palatial and vibrant. 

So, instead of shopping for bathroom curtains for a shower enclosure, opt for sleek and minimal-looking glass fittings proffering versatile and flexible features. 

Glass fixtures

Add Some Bathroom Plants 

Bathrooms with no windows look monotonous, dull, and dark, but adding plants can help them acquire outside ambiance in a blink. Unlike other plants, bathroom plants don’t require natural sunlight to thrive. However, they can sustain in dull, shady, humid spaces like bathrooms. 

If you doubt the maintenance of living plants, you can opt for artificial plants to help your bathroom look flourished. 

Bathroom plants

Choose a Light Colour Bathroom Theme 

Having light colours on bathroom walls, fixtures, or countertops aid you create a light coloured bathroom theme. This, in turn, brightens the whole bathroom while making it a bit more spacious and airy. 

If you are unable to adopt a white theme, you can also choose some light neutral coloured fixtures and fitting, helping you acquire some bathroom aesthetics. Apart from an appealing visual interest, the theme will help you adopt subtle yet spirited vibes. 

Bathroom theme

Add vibrancy to your shady-spaced bathroom by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, proffering efficient ways to transform the monotonous themed bathroom into an interesting one. 

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