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Five Bathroom Trends That Everyone Must Follow

A trend is a communication that keeps on changing as per the people’s preferences and desideratum. And when it comes to homes and infrastructure, people love to revamp and decorate according to moods and seasons. From colourful tiles and vibrant walls to High-tech appliances and indoor plants, there are a lot of popular bathroom trends popping in 2021.

Here we have some popular bathroom trends that everyone must follow to transform their bathrooms into a stylish yet opulent retreat. Such bathroom features offer your guests a sense of comfort, class, and acute luxury that is hard to find. 

Matte Black Finish 

The black colour is associated with fine elegance, sophistication, and acute strength making things go bold. Plus, it adds an interesting visual interest when used against a light backdrop. 

If you wish to renovate your bathroom in a stylish yet aesthetical manner, use a matte black finish in all high-tech infrastructure including showerhead, vanity hardware, or faucet depicting acute luxury. 

Matte Black Finish

Wooden Finish Vanities

The wooden finish is everywhere! Be it a bathroom vanity, office cabinets, kitchen countertops, etc. – wood offers a high-class finish and luxury-looking infrastructure that is hard to find. Using natural materials in bathrooms is a trend nowadays. People use sustainable things to decorate and add fine aesthetics to their homes, including indoor plants, colorful stones, even wooden vanities for smart storage. 

Apart from adding a natural outlook, wooden vanities include versatile, comfortable, and unique features at affordable ranges that anyone can afford without making a hole in his/her pocket. 

wooden vanity

Statement Art

Why should your rooms include all the fun elements? Leave some for your bathroom too! It is a place where you spend your me-time doing the drudgery of nine to five. It must have some vibrancy and tranquility to make you feel alive and energized after the hectic schedule. 

Add some vibrant colours via DIY creatives including hand paintings, art pieces, popping posters, unique frames, and antiques. These are the most affordable ways that can help you utilize those dull-looking walls while delineating an elegant touch and a look like none other. 

Wall posters

Spa features 

Ditch saloons and get spa comfort at home via bathroom including high-class spa features. Little luxuries are necessary for vacations and for the days when you require extra relaxation. With essential oils, scented candles, perfumed rose petals, and opulent bathroom fixtures, you can also bring pampering into your own bathrooms. With a spa facility, you can get the perfect balm at the end of a hectic day spent in the office. 

Spa Features

Statement Marble 

Be it a floor, wall, or countertop, marble looks stunning on every surface proffering a matte finish like none other. They are the best options for bathrooms as they can easily and quickly absorb water due to their porous nature. Apart from quick-dry aid, marbles offer you affordable and perfect features consisting of strength, durability, and a touch of transparency. 

bathroom marble

There is a wide range of marbles available in the market including distinctive shapes, sizes, and patterns. Choose marble type and pattern via comparing other elements perched in your bathroom. 

You cannot get the stylish yet calming bathroom overnight, but you can surely make a difference by following these evoking trends. 

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