How to choose the right bathroom fittings online

The relevant bathroom fittings can easily add to the zeal and charm of a bathroom. These include everything from a washbasin to a shower mixer. Knowing how to choose the right bathroom fittings online is really not a tough decision, but it requires a certain level of expertise to create a pattern that satisfies the lifestyle preferences of the user. Here, are some tips for homeowners should keep in mind while choosing bathroom accessories. 

Keep in mind the theme of the bathroom 

Modern bathrooms are designed with a particular theme which may vary from vintage to modern concepts. The traditional concepts highlight conservatism whereas the modern theme emphasises seamlessness or colour. Accessories such as the Jaguar Shower mixer comes in designs that allow the water to relax the body on impact. 

Frequency of usage 

Personal bathrooms may not be kept the same as those in hotels or restaurants. The only thing to be kept in mind while looking for fittings is that public restrooms should focus on user-friendliness and durability while personal bathrooms should focus on functionality and aesthetics. 

Functionality of fittings 

Some users may find simple fittings more comfortable while some may like more sophisticated structures with luxurious options. They may want to jacuzzi or bathtub fittings with Bluetooth enabled devices. With functionality, it is important to keep in mind what the user will prefer as the bathroom fittings will be there for a long amount of time. 

Bathroom layout 

The right set of accessories and how they are arranged in the bathroom completely depends on the fittings you have chosen. Using some mirrors in the bathroom might create an illusion of size and space. You can also use wall-hung washbasins may increase the availability of space. Moreover, shower cubicles may create more space in length as compared to the jacuzzi or bathtub. 

Age of users 

Age is an important factor many tend to forget while choosing bathroom fittings. For example, while picking out the accessories for children, you may need safe and easy to use fittings. For adults, you may go for more sophisticated and functional accessories. 


It is the most important determinant while choosing fittings. Highly-priced accessories are made from quality materials that make them more functional and durable. Check out the best bathroom fittings in Jaipur.

Wall finishing and bathroom floor 

Wall and floor fitting are important bathroom accessories. They must be made of materials that don’t have slippery surfaces. They must also blend in with your entire theme in terms of colour. 

Choosing your fittings properly is a must as your bathrooms are there to stay for long. You do not want to spend again and again on their renovation and changes. 

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